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Are article submissions worth the time? When doing manual submissions it takes me 10 to 15 minutes in average to login, format and submit an article to an article directory. I have to make at least 10 submissions to get a feasible exposure for my articles. So this process can take more than two hours a day! To make the most of my time I have to make sure that the article directories I am submitting to, are able to bring me as many visitors and backlinks as possible. I can name top five directories:,,, and Submitting to these is a must! and can bring you a lot of traffic, brings you backlinks, and – PageRank (my profile page there now is PR5 – with only 12 submitted articles).

But five top directories are not enough. As I said above, I usually do at least 10 manual submissions, so I have to choose my directories wisely. The only two ratings easily available to web users to judge the quality of websites and webpages are Alexa Rating and Google PageRank. Both are flawed and often do not reflect the real authority or traffic of a page. But since there is nothing better I have to stick to these two when deciding if a directory is worth submitting to. Of course, one must not forget the power of themed sites. Whenever I have a choice between a general directory and a directory focusing on my topic – I choose the latter.

To make the choosing process easier I have obtained a list of article directories, their names and URLs. Yesterday, I downloaded Eclipse and wrote a simple Java application that queries Alexa Web Service for rating data, and makes PageRank lookups. I’ve run this application on my list this morning and here are the top results with Alexa rating < 100,000 sorted ascending:

Directory Name URL Alexa Rating PageRank
Ezine 450 6
GoArticles 2465 6
Web Pro News 2903 7
Site Reference 3652 0
AD 4360 6
Free Articles 5140 0
Articles Base Directory 6319 5
Articles.Web.Com 8506 4
Gobala Krishnan 14794 2
DirectoryGold Article Directory 25357 4
Afro Articles – Article Marketing Directory 34900 4
InfoWizards Free Content Articles 39158 3
Article Friendly 41660 3
Article Submission 43045 5 46932 4
Free Articles for Reprint 49035 6
Article Ardvaark 49967 0
Submit Your New Article 52215 4 53604 4 58106 3
Your Free SAtellite 63374 0
The Add Articles Directory 67840 4
Article Blotter 68054 3
1Article World 68395 3
ABC Article Directory 74153 0 84051 4 84051 4
dk-article 84513 1
ArticleSnatch – The Best Place to Grab Articles 88123 4
Talkin Mince Article Directory 89689 4
Just Articles 93655 5
Article-Buzz – Free Article Directory 94347 4
Free Ezine Articles Site 94529 4
Tips Tricks Resource Portal 95787 5

The complete table has over 550 directories and can be downloaded as a tab delimited text file or as an Excel sheet.


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425 Responses to “Articles Directories List: Ordered by Alexa Rating”

  1. Jerry H. Says:

    Does this mean you ignore the policies against submitting duplicate content? IE, if you publish an article on Directory A then Directory B does not want you to publish it on their system.

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  4. John Says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Regarding your comment about “Duplicate Content”.
    As the webmaster at 2 leading Article Directories, I
    can say that you will certainly need to submit to many different Article Directories, if you want to promote both your Article, and ofcourse, your links.

    Each time you submit an Article, and it is accepted, it creates another link back to you, and your website, it does not matter that it is the same Article with many directories, as each link is unique.

    However you should avoid having “duplicate content” on your website, or just changing the “title” and re-submitting the same article many times.

    Hope this helps.

    Bye the way Oleg, very nice site.



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  7. Jodi Says:

    I agree with John… it’s not duplicate content on the web, it’s an issue when it’s duplicated on your site. Outside of my directory, I don’t use the same articles or content on my site as I use for articles in directories, that keeps my own content unique.


  8. Chris Kennelly Says:

    As an article directory, my main motivation was for research, now its growing at a rate that i can not stop it, The site now has over 69000 pages indexed in google, and other search engines, its not about duplicate content, as google and other major search engines are looking for legitimate sites, that are providing the right search term, so they service there searchers, bare in mind that the template arounbd your site also changes the way google and other view the total content.

    I was always scared about the repocutions, but joining places like yahoo directoy etc show google/msn/and yahoo that your a legitimate business. So dont be to worried about duplicate content, its how you service the customers the engines will reward you for servicing the correct content and looking after the readers.

    I hope that helps, but its great to see my site getting noticed also, if you require anything else then please contact me at


  9. John Vilne Says:

    Duplicate content is not duplicated content if it is repurposed in a meaningful way. For example, if 1m articles sit on a hard drive with no logical index or search option those articles are not as valuable as ones that are.

    Klikhir article directory repurposes articles by unifying content with eBay, Amazon, and CJ products.

    Within 3 months its ranked in Alexa in the top 500k and climbing fast.

  10. Dhruv Says:


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  13. Christian Kies Says:


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  14. tiny signs Says:

    so submitting the same article to different directories is ok as long as you do not have the same article in your own site.

    Nice article by the way, thanks for the information… I really learned alot.. I’ll try visiting some of these site you listed…

  15. Alex Says:


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    [...] The most popular article directories: Web Pro News Site Reference AD Articles Base Directory (Ordered by Alexa rang. Source: SEO Researcher) [...]

  17. Jon Murray Says:

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  18. John Says:

    you’ve done a great job building this list!
    That’s really a great list helpful for each internet marketer.

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  19. Andrew Mycah Says:

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  20. Jan Michaels Says:

    Nice List :-) As the author of the article friendly article publishing script I am always pleased to see article sites such as Chris’s site,, shoot up towards the top of everyone’s lists! I’m sure it had less to do with the script and more to do with Chris’s hard work promoting and maintaining his site. Which I believe should be the real concern of site owners rather than whether your site has the same article as scores of other sites. Having duplicate content across sites is the nature of the net, and I’m sure of all entities, the search engines know this best!

  21. cazare Says:

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  22. Adam Foster Says:

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  23. Cata Says:

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  29. Step-by-Step Guide to Establishing a Successful Blogging Business - Article Directories Says:

    [...] Today, the one idea that really caught my attention was the idea of submitting content to article directories as a technique to increase traffic, website visibility and overall exposure of your fledgling Blog.  I first came across the idea of using article directories on Lewis Empire’s Blog, where a few considerate comments led me to another article on the subject at  The bad news is, if you submit your content to multiple directories (which you’ll want to do if you’re trying to maximize traffic), it can take a lot of time.  The great thing about the second article is that it lists the Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Ranking of each of the article submission websites.  Although both metrics are far from perfect, they do give you a good idea of which sites are most likely to get the most traffic, and where you might want to initially concentrate your efforts.  [...]

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  31. Paul Brown Says:

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  45. Rob Walter Says:

    I am still a little confused about the duplicate content rule. Will it work against you to submit the same article to hundreds of directories or should you submit to the top handful?

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  53. Martin Says:

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  59. Scott Says:

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  60. Matt Ellsworth Says:

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